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Country : United Arab Emirates
Summary : Medical Consumable-dh-ortho-22201618-mmr-ipr12228139
CTC Ref No : 68043099
Tender Notice No : tender_164944
Competition :ICB
Financier :Self Financed
Dubai Municipality,
P.O.Box : 67, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Tel : +971 4 2215555
Fax : +971 4 2246666
Email :
United Arab Emirates
Tender Details :Medical Consumable-Dh-Ortho-22201618-Mmr-Ipr12228139
Opportunity Description : DescriptionImportant Note : Kindly enter the unit price or the item value WITHOUT the VAT, also ensure to select the VAT category for each item quoted. -
Important Note : If the VAT is applied, will be added at PO stage.

For any questions or clarifications in regards to the VAT, kindly contact Federal Tax Authority.
1: Customize Spinal Orthotics: Scoliosis Brace (TLSO BRACE) - 1 EA
Response Currency : AED
Closing date : 27/06/2022
Deadline :27th Jun 2022
Documents :Download