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Country : Russian Federation
Summary : Respiratorov Stand (10475-эa)
CTC Ref No : 58628483
Tender Notice No : 0891200000621010247
Competition :ICB
Financier :Self Financed
Russian Federation, 672038, Zabaykalsky Krai, Chita G, Kohansky Street, 7
Contact person: Davydova Anna Gennadevna
Contact phone: 8 (3022) 36-42-77 Contact fax: 8 (3022) 31-00-82 Additional contact information: Customer information: Customer name. Healthcare establishment "Regional Clinical Hospital" "; location:" 672038. Chita, ul. Kohansky 7 "; Postal address:" 672038 G. Chita, ul. Kohansky 7 ...
Russian Federation
Tender Details :Delivery of respirators (10475-EA) General procurement information
Notice number: 0891200000621010247 Purchase Identification Code: 212753601222675360100104360013299244 The method of determining the supplier (contractor, artist): auction in electronic form
Procurement Name: Supply of Respirators (10475-EA) Address of the electronic platform on the Internet:
Print form of notification on the EIS website: Go
Initial (maximum) contract price, rub. : 185 000.00
Auction step in contract currency: OT 925.00 to 9 250.00
Source of financing.
Single contract number, standard contract conditions.

Date of publishing notification
Date of publishing notice: 13.10.2021 10:30 (MSK + 00: 00) Date and time end of the deadline for submission of applications: 10/22/2021 01:00 (MSK + 00: 00) The place of submission of applications: an application for participation in an electronic auction is sent by a member of the auction operator of the electronic platform.
Application procedure: in accordance with section 1 of the auction documentation.
Additional information.
Date of the expiration date of applications: 10/25/2021 Date and time of electro ...
Deadline :22nd Oct 2021
Documents :Download